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Living and DiningHow To Choose The Best Sofa Bed

When it comes to furniture, sofa beds are the space-saving champions of versatility. They offer cosy seating for everyday life and they’re ready for house guests at the drop of a hat. But how do you choose the best sofa bed for your needs? In this article, we step you through what to look for so that you make the right decision the first time.

As anyone who has ever had to sleep on a dodgy old sofa bed will tell you – these chameleons of the living room are definitely not created equal! While many buyers are easily tempted by the lowest price, there’s a very good reason why quality should be the number one priority when shopping for the best one: a good night’s sleep depends on it.

To help guide you toward a smart purchase, we’ve put together some of the most important considerations of sofa bed shopping. So settle in, invite the in-laws over to stay (or not!) and get ready to find a sofa bed that’s actually worthy of your house and home.

Style matters

Koala Beauty Sofa Bed in Blush.
Koala Beauty Sofa Bed in Blush

Once upon a time, a sofa bed was purely functional; nowadays it’s a serious style statement. In fact, the best sofa bed for your home should work in complete harmony with your interior aesthetic rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. And the answer to achieving this perfect union of furniture and space is to choose a sofa bed specially designed for modern living.

Take the Koala Beauty 3-Seater Sofa Bed, pictured above. Packing the perfect balance of contemporary curves and linear sophistication in a dreamy range of colours, it’s furniture that works no matter what your interior style is. From Modern Country to Coastal and even Hamptons Luxe, this smart sleep solution elevates any room without breaking a sweat. They don’t call it ‘beauty’ for nothing!

Look for deep seating

Koala Beauty Sofa in Green Wattle.
Koala Beauty Sofa in Green Wattle

One of the biggest factors that separates quality sofa beds from average ones is the depth of the seats. Lovely deep seats mean more comfortable lounging, space to pull your legs up without them constantly slipping off and a (way!) more luxe look. If the rear cushions are removable, like they are on the Koala Beauty, you score even more space to stretch out.

But aside from comfort and looks, deep seats are also a great indication of how big the mattress will be. With extra-deep plush seats, the Koala Beauty folds out to form a full Queen-sized bed measuring 180cm x 203cm, perfect for modern family living. It’s the fuss-free way to go from sofa to sleep in a matter of seconds.

Always look for quality fabrics

Koala Beauty Sofa Bed fabric in Morning Grey
Koala Beauty Sofa Bed fabric in Morning Grey

Sofa beds inevitably get a lot of use, whether it’s as sofas, beds or both. For this reason, quality fabrics are a must. Not only are they more durable and easier to clean (a must if you have kids and fur babies in your midst), but they also mean a luxurious feel against your skin and a more elevated look to your sofa.

Available in a choice of six bespoke hues, the Koala Beauty Sofa Bed combines premium polyester and recycled polyester to achieve a luxe demi boucle finish that you’ll just want to touch. Easy to spot-clean if movie night spills occur, it’s the optimum balance of durability, gorgeous feels and sustainability.

Hidden storage is a huge plus!

Hidden storage in the Koala Beauty Sofa Bed.
Hidden storage compartments in the Koala Beauty Sofa Bed

With sofa beds comes extra bedding and soft furnishings, and while it may look lovely on a ready-made bed, it often leaves living rooms cluttered. This is why hidden storage is an absolute godsend for modern sofa beds. It gives pillows, doonas and throws a dedicated home out of sight and adds another layer of functionality to your sofa bed.

The Koala beauty nails hidden storage like an absolute pro. Tucked behind four large fabric doors are individual compartments perfectly sized for pillows, linen or those valuables your guests might like out of sight. But it gets even better because the timber storage lids double as trays for brekky bowls and mugs of piping hot tea.

Even when you don’t currently have any house guests, these internal compartments are bound to get loads of use – because let’s face it, a household can never have too much storage!

Avoid Allen keys at all costs

Koala Beauty Sofa Bed in Currawong Grey
Koala Beauty Sofa Bed in Currawong Grey

If the idea of picking up an Allen key and trying to decipher assembly instructions is enough to put you off buying a sofa bed, you’re definitely not alone! Many furniture mishaps begin at the assembly stage because of just how easy it is to make a mistake or lose a piece. But, the great news is that the best sofa beds come with significantly easier assembly – and there’s usually no Allen-induced stress involved.

The Koala Beauty comes with a selection of ‘gumnuts’ that attach to existing connectors and pins without needing to problem-solve instructions or reach for a single tool. In fact, this sofa bed is easy enough for one person to put together in a matter of minutes … which leaves more time for plumping and positioning your new throw cushions!

And remember: comfort is KING!

Living space with half a sofa in the frame and a wooden side table.
Koala Beauty Sofa in Cappucino

Whether you’ve got friends staying over or you’re settling in for a movie night, no other feature is more important than comfort when it comes to sofa beds. Not only does the right amount of comfort ensure a great night’s sleep, but it also means greater wellness, happier house guests and a more cosy home. But remember, comfort doesn’t end with seat cushions – the mattress is every bit as important in a reliable sofa bed.

Until recently, sofa bed mattresses haven’t had the best reputation. Dodgy springs, inadequate support and a bad night’s sleep are all common complaints. Koala Beauty is different – really different. Inspired by its award-winning mattress loved by tens of thousands of Australian customers, the Koala Beauty Sofa Bed leaves other options in the dust by incorporating a breathable integrated Kloudcell® topper. It responds to natural movement and feels every bit as “ahhh” as your real bed.

Partnered with super-comfy padded seat cushions, it’s safe to say that the Koala Beauty is the modern Australian sofa bed your home has been waiting for.

Making HOME is working with Koala to bring you this article. Koala proudly brings Australian-designed furniture to consumers at down-to-earth prices – and it’s built to last. With sustainability at its core, Koala is furniture made good.


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