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Kids15 Adorable Cubby House Furniture & Decor Ideas

When it comes to setting the scene for imaginary play in and around the home, a cubby house is hard to top. But while the cubby house provides the place to play, it’s the furniture and accessories you include that get creative minds fired up!

So, what kind of cubby house furniture do you need? And what about decor? Well, in this article, we’re shining a light on our favourite items for special little hideaways. From tiny tables to bookshelves, seating and accessories, we’ve put together a complete list of must-have cubby gear for a set-up they’ll never forget. (And we’ll even point you towards the best places to shop. You’re welcome.)

Kiddie Table

Children's wooden play table with two white boucle stools on either side.
A table is a must-have for cubbies. Image: Mocka

A kid-sized table is probably the most useful piece of cubby house furniture around. And we stress ‘kid-sized’ because if a child isn’t sitting correctly, it affects their comfort, posture and their ability to write, draw – or scribble. Aside from arts and crafts, a kiddie table comes in super handy for tea parties, secret meetings, eating lunch and coming up with more than a few master plans. It’s also very handy for storing items like craft gear and toys. So whether you put it outside the cubby or inside, prioritise this piece!

Image: Mini Eve Play Table via Mocka

Play Kitchen

Blue kids' play kitchen.
The ultimate tool for budding chefs. Image: Myer

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so a dedicated cubby kitchen for cooking up a storm is a must. Don’t worry if you don’t have room for an enormous play kitchen with all the bells and whistles, something basic and small is all it takes to spark some creativity with kids. Great features of a cubby kitchen include a chopping area, a cupboard and a sink, which helps little ones learn to clean up after themselves.

Image: Classic World Retro Kitchen via Myer

Play Food

Child stacking crates of wooden play food.
Dinner is served! Image: Target

Where there’s a kitchen there is food, so ensure your kids have enough to work with in their cubby. We always opt for wooden play food over plastic as it’s more environmentally friendly and it lasts forever. Look for fruit and vegetables, proteins and some fun treats for all those tea parties about to fill your calendar.

Image: B Toys Wooden Play Food Set via Target

Comfortable Armchair or Sofa

Child's nature-themed flip-out sofa.
Flip-out sofas are always a hit! Image: Adairs

Whether kids want to read, play on their iPads or just unwind with a snack, a comfy chair is a great piece of cubby house furniture to add to your list. Upholstered chairs look amazing and save you from having to buy a throw rug or cushions, but if you want a more rustic look, a rattan armchair works just fine. For kids who’d rather stretch out, a flip-out sofa is perfect.

Image: Gumnut Valley Flip-Out Sofa via Adairs


Blue bookshelf for kids with a toy dinosaur sitting in front of it.
Try setting up reading nook. Image: Adairs

Reading is something to encourage, so we’re big believers in keeping books not only accessible but on display in kids’ play zones. Look for a bookshelf or bookcase that gives you the option to show some beautiful covers off – it could be just the thing to ignite a love for a particular series or author.

Not enough room in your cubby for a bookcase? Don’t sweat it, if you have a wooden cubby, you can always attach some cute bookshelves to the walls, like this $15 gem at Target!

Image: Blake Boucle Bookshelf via Adairs

Outdoor Stools

Woman sits on stools outside a kids' cubby house.
Inside and out, stools are super handy. Image: Castle & Cubby

Do you anticipate some alfresco dining at the kids’ new pad? Equip them with some heavy-duty outdoor stools for sitting outside. Not only are weather-proof stools wonderful for extending imaginary play beyond the interior of the cubby, but they also come in handy when extra guests pop by.

Image: Kids’ Stools via Castle & Cubby


Five personalised kids' letterboxes in different colours.
Letter writing is educational AND fun! Image: Etsy

A letterbox is a super-sweet addition to any kids’ cubby for many reasons. For starters, it’s fun – there aren’t many children who don’t love receiving mail. But also, a letterbox encourages social interaction by writing and drawing for friends and family. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to teach kids responsibility by having to check and sort their mail. A wooden letterbox is great because you can paint and decorate it. Some (like the one shown above) even allow personalisation.

Image: Personalised Children’s Wooden Mailbox via Etsy


Personalised kids' doormat for a cubby house.
Keep the dirt where it belongs. Image: Etsy

Besides being an adorable piece of cubby house decor a personalised doormat is going to help keep little houses clean – especially in the wet months. Look for a quality one made with natural fibres that don’t shed or fray.

Image: Personalised Cubby Doormat via Etsy

Outdoor Lounge

Kids' double outdoor lounge chair.
Somewhere to chill. Image: Amazon

When the warmer months roll around and it’s too hot to play in the cubby for extended periods, outdoor kids’ lounges are the bee’s knees. They give little ones a place to stretch out, relax, enjoy being outside and socialise with their special guests. Of course, when buying outdoor cubby furniture, just ensure it’s built to withstand the elements.

Image: Kids’ Double Garden Sunlounger via Amazon


Kids' learning clock hanging on a wall.
Look for learning features on a kids’ clock. Image: Myer

What better way to teach kids the importance and necessity of time than by adding a clock to their cubby? Aside from being a beautiful piece of decor, it’s also a great learning tool, so look for a clock with learning features that help little ones grasp telling time more easily.

Image: One Six Eight London Learning Clock via Myer

Miniature Garden

Mother and children work in a small garden bed.
Choose easy things to grow. Image: Castle & Cubby

Got green thumbs in your midst? Add some planters or pots in and around your child’s cubby house to help them learn about nature, growth and gardening. Herbs, flowers and fruit are some of the most exciting (and easiest) things to plant and grow. Don’t forget a watering can!

Image: Wooden Garden Planter Box via Castle & Cubby

Toy Box

White wooden toy box in a kids' room.
Storage is essential! Image: Freedom

A trusty toy box is a critical piece of cubby house furniture when it comes to curbing mess and clutter, and you’re not limited to a wooden chest. Rattan baskets are also a great option for a bit of rustic flair, or you could just grab a few cheap coloured tubs.

Image: Bobble Toy Storage Box via Freedom


Children drawing on an outdoor chalkboard.
Chalkboards are great inside or out. Image: Castle & Cubby

From writing shopping lists to menus, a blackboard is a versatile cubby addition that gets loads of use. If you have the space for an easel, it’s a great opportunity to incorporate an art nook in the cubby. But if space is lacking you could hang a blackboard on an interior or external cubby wall or even use some chalkboard paint!

Image: Indoor Outdoor Blackboard via Castle & Cubby

Cubby Sign

Personalised sign hangs from a child's cubby house.
Don’t forget to put a name on it! Image: Etsy

No cubby is truly complete without a a custom sign – and it makes a pretty lovely housewarming gift for kids too! Affordable personalised signs like the one above are available on Etsy from local sellers and come in a range of colours.

Image: Personalised Cubby House Sign via Etsy

Floor Rug or Mat

Foam floor tiles in a child's room.
Mats and rugs add extra comfort. Image: Adairs

Cubby floors can be quite hard so don’t forget to throw in a rug or padded mat for extra comfort – especially for kids who like to sit on the floor. Aside from the comfort factor, a rug is also an excellent way to spruce up cubbies with their favourite colours, characters or even a customised print.

Image: Terrazzo Foam Tiles via Adairs

Top image: Mini Mister Zimi Cubby

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