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Review Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor

With the Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor, healthy eating has never been so quick.

Our review team recently took the Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor for a test run and rated it 4.9 out of 5 stars. Each of them loved its ease of use and storage, versatility and how fast it makes food preparation. Plus, every reviewer would recommend it to others.

Find out more about what our top reviewers thought of this handy addition to the kitchen in the quotes below. But first, let’s take a look at what makes it so special.

The versatility creative cooks need

Woman using the Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor on a bench.

From beautiful bread dough to silky-smooth purees, the MultiPro Go Food Processor whips up all your family favourites without the fuss of multiple appliances and kitchenware. Not only can it chop, grate and slice to perfection, but its genius design means it also serves straight onto your plate, hands-free! Now that’s smart.

Plus, with a compact, stackable design, this clever food processor means an end to clunky appliances that take up a whole cupboard. Simply stack it and store it – no fuss, no loose parts, just a small-footprint unit that fits anywhere.

For creative food prep without the fuss, the Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor is the answer. Because big ideas start small.

Loads of features in one compact design

Don’t be misled by its compact appearance – when it comes to features, this clever unit positively excels. Take a look at how it effortlessly lifts your cooking game:

  • Easy serving – Thanks to its brilliant 360° Express Serve™ function, this processor allows you to grate and slice directly onto a plate or into a pan without getting your hands dirty.
  • Compact storage – Low on cupboard space? No worries, the low-footprint MultiPro Go Food Processor is only 30cm high, small enough to fit in many drawers. In fact, it’s 20% smaller* than Kenwood’s next smallest food processor!
  • Unique packing design – Kenwood’s Stack ‘n Store™ feature means all parts of the appliance are kept in one handy place. (Which means no more lost parts!)
  • A true multitasker – With this clever helper, all bases are covered, including chopping, grating, slicing, pureeing and even making your own bread dough.
  • No more messy cables – Let’s face it, no one likes cords, but this appliance boasts EasyStore™ Cable Storage, keeping benchtops clean of cords and cupboards tidy.
  • Simple to use – The push of a single button and you’re up and running!
  • Easy to clean – With the food preparation done, simply place the tools and attachments straight into the dishwasher. Then it’s time to relax and enjoy your creative home cooking!

Backed by more than 70 years of outstanding British engineering, the Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor is purpose-built for efficiency and food-loving fun in the kitchen. And when it comes to performance, this little winner handles it all.

*20% more compact than the Kenwood FDP30 series.

Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor review rating bar.

Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor Reviews

We sent 15 lucky members of our community a Kenwood MultiPro Go Food processor to trial in exchange for their honest thoughts. Take a look below at what our top reviewers had to say!

Small but mighty

“I am seriously impressed with the capabilities of the Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor!!! Although it is super compact it really is durable & has loads of power to process / slice/ grate the toughest vegetables! It’s really easy to assemble & disassemble for clean up . I also love the fact it takes up such little space in my cupboard & doesn’t weigh a ton! Such a great appliance – I’d highly recommend this food processor to anyone!”

Cheryl, May 2023

Good quality and fast

Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor in use.

“This is going to replace my giant food processor. Love that it’s compact, easy to use, does what is says and comes in a gorgeous colour. Kids loved how fast it works so they could gobble up the sliced veggies! Love how affordable it is too!”

Ruth, May 2023


Kenwood MultiGo Pro Food Processor on a black bench.

“I loved the Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor! The processor comes with a 2.1-liter capacity bowl, which for me is a perfect size for blending and mixing ingredients. I live in a small apartment so really valued its compact size. It is lightweight, easy to move around, straightforward to assemble and disassemble, and the cleaning was really easy. The blades are SO sharp so be careful! The machine was perfect for grinding oats for my oatmeal pancake recipe, quickly grinding the oats to the desired consistency. The range of attachments will allow me to do more home cooking easier! Can’t wait to chop/grate vegetables and knead dough. Overall, I would highly recommend the Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor. It is efficient, versatile, and easy to use, making it an excellent addition to any kitchen.”

Millie, May 2023

Small yet powerful

Kitchen bench with a food processor, green cutting board and knife on it.

“Just be careful when removing the bowl from the machine as I find it hard to remove it at first. I tried the grater with the carrots and when I push the on button, the motor runs quickly and powerful. the processing of the carrots is so quick! this is so small but mighty! Don’t let the size fool you! this is good for household that doesn’t like bulky food processor every time you want to cook something quick. I am very impressed with the quality and of course the look, its very aesthetic!”

Lyra, May 2023

Takes all the hard work out of food prep!

“The Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor is just what this busy mum needed! I absolutely love how versatile it is – it does it all. I was able to grate and slice my vegetables in just seconds to make vermicelli bowls. I also love its compact size – it fits easily into my pantry between uses and is easy to set up and wash. I can’t wait to use it to knead my pizza dough – something I never thought I would have time to do by hand.”

Jessica, May 2023

Compact, easy, and powerful food processor

Kenwood food processor pictured with a bowl of chopped vegetables and a smoothie.

“Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor is compact, easy to use, dishwasher safe and does all the choping, slicing, grating functions with ease. The feature I loved the most is the 360 Express Serve™ Slice and Grate direct to the plate. It makes it easy for slice the salads of their liking straight to my kids’ plates. Also, it chops and purees’ well and with good consistency.. Its cable storage is unique too in that it keeps the cord store neat.”

Kinjal, May 2023

A kitchen helping hand!

Red ramekins filled with food next to a mini food processor.

“I love using the Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor! It’s compact, simple to use and is multi-functional. Food prep for the fam has never been so easy and I have used it everyday of the week since opening the box to make meals and snacks for the family. You can use it to chop, slice and grate (the grate flips over so you can cut your food different ways). With its two speed function, it slices and cuts a lot quicker than you’d think for such a compact machine! One of the good things about it is that it stacks neatly, doesn’t contain too many pieces and the cord wraps around the base so you can put it away nicely. There are always new appliances and as a busy mum I try and look for the ones which are compact, easy to use and care for and do the job quickly and this has done just that!”

Francis, May 2023

Small but amazing

Black bowl filled with food on a wooden bench next to a mini food processor.

“The Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor is amazing. If you are after simplicity, this is the processor for you. It may be small in size but don’t let that fool you, it has a lot of power and will slice, grate and puree your food in seconds without any mess. It is super easy to assemble and pull apart and it’s lock together system is really fool proof.”

Yvonne, May 2023

The Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor is available from all major retailers and online at Kenwood. Chose from two colour options: Storm Blue or Red Clay.

Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor review rating bar.

All products for this review were supplied by Kenwood. The comments reflect unbiased, honest opinions from members of the Making HOME community. Reviews, videos and images are published with permission from participants.

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