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Review Samsung Smart Monitor M7 Review

Our review team recently put the Samsung Smart Monitor M7 to the test with their families and awarded it five stars! Dive into their testimonials and find out how this clever monitor performs in a busy household.

There are no two ways about it, screens are an integral part of modern life. They’re essential in supporting kids with digital-based learning and bigger kids with working from home. And then there’s all that streaming!

But while previously, most of us have had to depend on different screens for different purposes, Samsung has introduced an absolute game-changer with its all-in-one personalised Smart Monitor M7. It’s the new way to work, watch and live – your way.

The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 (M70C 32″ 4K HDR Smart Monitor) offers instant Smart TV capabilities with built-in streaming apps, a built-in browser for surfing the web and researching assignments and there’s even remote PC access for catching up on work. With a detachable camera included, video calls with colleagues and friends never looked better; you can also use the monitor to operate your home’s compatible smart devices. Told you it was a game-changer.

So, what about aesthetics? Well, as backed up in the reviews below, this multi-tasking monitor looks as good as it performs. For starters, it boasts an ultra-slim, cord-free design, completely on-point for uncluttered modern living. Then there’s the luxe herringbone pattern on the back that you won’t mind showing off and its convenient size.

The Samsung Smart Monitor on a table with a personalised display.

Samsung Smart Monitor M7 features

  • Built-in streaming apps for access your subscriptions right on your monitor
  • 4K UHD display and 3840 x 2160 resolution for spectacular picture quality
  • Adaptive picture and Adaptive Sound+ for automatic adjustments
  • 90-degree rotating screen for practical viewing of portrait-style pages
  • Wi-Fi 5 connectivity delivers fast movies, games and internet
  • Remote access to your PC makes work-from-home easy
  • Multi-View enables viewing of multiple apps at one time
  • A sleek and slimline design that fits anywhere
  • Airplay integration for connecting Apple devices
  • Four available ports, including USB-C, HDMI and USB-A
  • Option for VESA-compatible mounting
  • Control smart devices in the home with the Samsung SmartThings app
  • Personalised content on the My Contents Feature
The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 with a keyboard and mouse.

Samsung Smart Monitor M7 Reviews

Ready to find out what other people think? Take a stroll through these helpful reviews and find out what makes this monitor so smart. (These reviews first appeared on our sister site, Mouths of Mums.)

Perfect addition for the whole family

Smiling boys sitting in front of a smart monitor.

“The study room may be the new fave space in our house because of the new Samsung Smart Monitor M7. Movie nights and game nights, you name it! My boys are living it up with Samsung Smart Monitor M7. Such a perfect addition for the whole family to use.”

Life_and_our_little_adventures, November 2023

Samsung Smart Monitor

“Our whole family loves the Samsung Smart Monitor. The kids love that they have a range of entertainment at their fingertips and I love the ease in which they can wirelessly connect their schoolwork. It looks great in the house and being able to adjust the screens orientation makes it so practical.”

Megan Davis, November 2023

It’s a winner in the house

“Such a winner addition to our home and great for everyone to use. I’m absolutely in love with the color and sleek design. The large screen is so cool to use. It’s really great for working, reading, watching movies, music and playing games. We are loving watching Netflix & Disney with family & friends. The quality of the picture is so good and it was super easy to set up. My son loves gaming on it and also reading so easy to move around to different places in the house. The smart monitor supports both Bixby and Amazon Alexa which is simply fabulous. I totally love the sound quality and find it so easy to connect. Overall it’s such an excellent quality, great for gamers at home, movie lovers, for work from home and so easy to use and setup! Thumbs up!”

ThisZAussieLife, November 2023

The coolest monitor of them all

Boy playing a video game on a large monitor.

“I had a new monitor down on my birthday wish list so was extra excited when Mum surprised me with the Samsung Smart Monitor M7 to help review and test out. I lOVE to game, playing Fortnite mostly but also sometimes Minecraft and the 4K picture quality is insane in comparison to what I’ve used before. So sharp and responsive and I absolutely love the feature of the rotating screen. It can connect to a keyboard and I can run cloud gaming on it also which is cool. Sometimes I watch movies on the monitor and also have hooked it up to my school laptop when I need to do my homework.”

13YO Rilee, November 2023

The best all-in-one monitor ever!!!

“I have had a chance to try out the Samsung Smart Monitor M7 and I love SO much about it. I mainly use it to watch my favourite shows using the smart hub but I have also tested it out in other areas. My friends and I viewed photos and videos from my phone on it and we couldn’t believe how bright and detailed they were. I love the look of it too and it fits so neatly on my desk.”

11YO Aneeka, November 2023

Technology built for the whole family to enjoy

Two children and an adult man watch a bird on a large monitor.

“After trialling the Samsung M7 Monitor for several weeks I am pleased to report that our family have absolutely loved experiencing all that this brilliant monitor has to offer. Its stylish and slimline design means that it looks great in any room of the house and its light build makes it so easy to move from room to room when sharing. We have enjoyed learning and discovering about all of its included features and have found it to be so useful in many ways. Well done to a Samsung for designing such an efficient product!”

Mom488973, November 2023

Perfect for the whole family to use

“We have been given the Samsung Smart Monitor M7 to trial and review and I must say, we are loving it! I set it up myself so I can honestly say it is really easy to set up. And look just how stylish it is on our study desk! Here are just a few of the features that I love about the Samsung Smart Monitor M7: the height adjustable screen tilts and swivels to fit individual family members needs, we can easily switch when working from home, to kids studying, streaming and gaming!

Life_and_our_little_adventures, November 2023

Great for the fam

“My husband gives a big thumbs up to the Samsung Monitor M7. He loves the rotating screen for reviewing his long documents and finds it so helpful to view his content directly from his phone on the big screen. The monitor comes with a remote and it makes watching shows and movie viewing so enjoyable.”

Sumi, November 2023

Samsung all-in-one monitor

Girl doing maths work on a large monitor.

“My kids have already got the hang of how to use and enjoy the Samsung Monitor. My daughter loves that she can listen to and read her home readers on a bigger screen. She’s been dancing to her favourite tunes on YouTube and playing games. Highly recommend to family and friends.”

Sumi, November 2023

Easy, sleek, work, play all in one

“A wonderful addition to our study table at home, for any room. Everything we do, but on a larger screen. Great for working, documents, reading, watching movies and playing games. Effortless entertainment. A WiFi connection is all one really needs. The smart monitor supports both Bixby and Amazon Alexa. The sound quality is great and it’s so easy to connect. We love the design, applications and ease of use.”

Sumi, November 2023

Easy to set up

“I am so surprised and how easy it was to set up our new Samsung smart monitor. Within only a few minutes we were enjoying the monitor. We have found it really useful for many different scenarios. It is so easy to stream from a mobile device. It also comes ready for sign in to Netflix, Disney etc and you can also use Alexa! We also love the split screen function. It was really handy when we used the monitor in the kitchen for displaying a recipe and were also able to continue watching our fav TV series on the other side of the screen. Happy mum and happy kids!!! It is fairly light and easy to move around and we love the sleek design.”

Mummajojo, November 2023

Love the screen size

“Our favourite part about the Samsung smart monitor is the screen size and easy maneuverability of the monitor. It is easy to see from just about anywhere but is fairly light and easy to move around. It’s not too big so can be used for watching TV or movies, gaming, in the home office or for school work. We have also used it for displaying recipes while cooking in the kitchen. So many features and looks stylish too!”

Mummajojo, November 2023

Amazing quality

“The Samsung smart monitor m7 is such a great product. We use it for work and we absolutely love the efficiency of it. The quality is second to none.”

Mum495328, November 2023

We didn’t know we needed it until we had it

“We are absolutely loving the Samsung Smart Monitor M7. It is such a clever piece of equipment and has so many uses. So far we have used it in the dance room for dance practice either with you tube, phone screen mirroring from camera roll or from our cloud hard drive. We have also used it in our outdoor living area where we had movie days/nights. Hubby has also used it in his exercise area to stream workouts. It has also been fab for homeschooling the kids. We have tried screen mirroring as it is much larger than a phone or iPad screen. We have also used it to play PowerPoint lessons and watch Netflix or Disney documentaries. The quality of the picture is impressive and it was super easy to set up. We love its sleek design and it is easy to move around to different locations. We also love the slit screen function. It’s a fantastic piece of technology that we have found very useful!”

Mummajojo, October 2023

Perfect for all the family!

“We have been so impressed by the Samsung Smart Monitor M7. We have recommended it to family and friends. You really can’t beat the stylish and slim design plus we love how it tilts and you can adjust the height. My son has especially loved it for gaming of course! As you can see in the video, it’s quite easy to navigate through the different options, including TV and a button just for NETFLIX. We highly recommend!”

Mom493307, October 2023

It’s so versatile with many included features

Boy sitting in front of a large monitor watching sport.

“We are loving all the included features on this monitor plus the slim design fits perfectly on any desk. It’s such a versatile monitor that is perfect for my work needs but also perfect for when the kids want to play games, watch tv or movies. You can easily tilt the screen and adjust the height too. The other amazing feature is all the included tv channels and movies! There is always something to watch. Picture quality is excellent!”

Mom493307, October 2023

It’s so cool

Netflix welcome screen showing on a large external monitor.

“I just love the design of Samsung Smart Monitor M7. It sits at a level on my desk that provides me with the perfect viewing angle. I really love the colors they are extremely vivid and the picture quality is excellent. I enjoy the huge display and I can use up the whole space doing multitasking. I really like that Samsung screen is smarter and more versatile. Great monitor for design work and gamers too. The monitor can work with a universal samsung remote, can connect to the SmartThings and act as a SmartThings hub to control all my smart devices is just so cool. And since the TV supports playback of 4K content via the built-in apps (YouTube, Netflix and more), there is plenty of content to watch! I love the picture quality and works great with my regular tv shows, gaming and my work PC. A perfect screen for the home office, in other words.”

ThisZAussieLife, October 2023

Stylish and practical

Close up of Netflix menu on an external monitor.

“This is the perfect addition to my teenager’s room! He is really into gaming but also loves watching movies and can easily switch between both. The picture quality is exceptional. He can adjust the screen easily to the perfect height that he needs at the time which is a bonus. It’s also really handy for doing his homework as everything they do is online these days.”

Mom493307, October 2023

The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 (M70C 32″) is available at Samsung and selected retailers, including JB Hi-FiHarvey Norman, and Officeworks.

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