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NewsUpcycler Reveals The Coolest Ways To Use Bookends

A savvy upcycler, admired for her sharp eye and creativity, has wowed her social media followers with genius ways to use bookends that don’t even involve books!

“In the past I shared a few different ways that I use bookends for other than using them with books, because I think they’re so functional and cool. You can use them in all different kinds of ways.”

Sarah Teresinski (@redeux_style)

Smart uses for solid bookends

The list begins with various ways to use solid bookends made from materials like marble, stone and ceramic. Sarah suggests taking a single bookend and using it as a doorstop and using the other as a decorative art piece or even as a jewellery holder.

She goes on to suggest using solid bookends as a cutting board storage device, saying that “if you don’t want to lean your cutting boards against your backsplash on your counter, a couple of marble bookends …” is a great solution. Just slide the boards between the pieces for a functional set-up.

Other tips include using bookends as art pieces on books, as mail ‘catchers’, napkin holders and handtowel holders in the bathroom.

By flipping flat bookends on their side, Sarah points out that they make sturdy candle pedestals, great for dinner parties and entertaining.

Bookends being used as a candle and jewellery holder.
Bookends do it all. Image: Instagram/@redeux_style

“I’m always such a big fan of using things in different ways. We don’t have to run our to the store every time we need something.”

Sarah Teresinski (@redeux_style)

What to do with lightweight bookends

“Now what about those metal bookends? Those can be a little trickier to do some of these upcycles because they’re not as heavy. But, they actually have an advantage to their light weight.”

Creating a frame out of a set of lightweight cut-out bookends, Sarah demonstrates how easy it is to store all kinds of kitchen gear, like pot holders and plates. Going one step further, she even shows how to wall-mount them for storing records and for housing an LED light.

“You could turn it on its side to showcase a piece of art. You could even flip it upside down and look, you’ve got a cool little sconce. Just mount that on the wall with a couple of little nails.”

Finally, the upcycler shows how to use bookends to organise clutches for some unique organisation in cupboards and walk-in robes.

Top image: Instagram/@redeux_style

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