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NewsSamsung Music Frame Redefines Home Decor

Samsung has just announced its 2024 AV lineup and there’s one product that has the music-loving art world buzzing: the Samsung Music Frame.

A fusion of visual art and musical innovation, the Samsung Music Frame is a standalone speaker that doubles as a customisable picture frame. In keeping with Samsung’s reputation for outstanding wireless audio, it boasts three-way speakers for truly immersive, balanced and powerful sound.

It’s artwork like you’ve never heard before.

“We are committed to continually innovating our technology to enrich Australians’ lives, enhanced through connectivity via SmartThings. Our new AV range is no different, and is powered by cutting-edge AI features, enabling big screen experiences to be more accessible, intuitive, and personalised for consumers. We’re thrilled to continue redefining TV and sound solutions to better meet Australians needs and love of design and aesthetic, with our Neo QLED 8K and Music Frame examples and as pinnacles of the new range.”

Jeremy Senior, Vice President – Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia.
Samsung Music Frames mounted on a pink wall.
Artwork with a big difference! Image: Samsung

How Does It Work?

While the audio is digital, the picture isn’t. The Music Frame works very much like a traditional picture frame.

All you have to do is lift the front cover off to swap out the display artwork with any 20cm x 20cm printed design. Show off wedding photos, kids’ artwork or beloved pets. Or use it as a styling tool to inject colour and cohesion into modern spaces.

In terms of how you display it, that’s totally up to you. Use the wall mounting kit to display it with other wall art. Alternatively, use the included stand to prop it on top of a buffet or sideboard, or rest it on a shelf.

The beauty of this product is that it’s small enough to move around when and where you need it. Plus, it blends into your environment with discretion and style. Can your other speakers do that?

Man changing photo on wall-mounted Samsung Music Frame.
Customise it with your choice of printed artwork. Image: Samsung

Plays Almost Everything!

The Music Frame is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Airplay, Google Home and loads more. Want to listen to Spotify? You can stream all of your favourite tunes on your mobile devices to your Music Frame through a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

But it gets better because the Music Frame can also be paired with a compatible Samsung TV or Soundbar using Q-Symphony to create fully immersive surround sound.

Samsung Music Frame on a wall shelf.
Blends harmoniously into your home environment. Image: Samsung

For more information on the Music Frame and full 2024 Samsung AV lineup, visit Samsung Australia.

Top image: Samsung

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