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KitchenKleenmaid DW6030 Dishwasher Review

Here’s what you need to know about the Kleenmaid DW6030 Dishwasher Review.

In the 2022 Making HOME Pilot Season, we’ll be featuring appliances from Kleenmaid.  We’ve partnered with Kleenmaid because they have a reputation for an excellent range of kitchen and laundry appliances that have been carefully developed and tested.

One of the Kleenmaid products that will feature in both the main kitchen and the apartment kitchen of Making HOME 2022 will be the dishwasher.  So we thought we’d check out reviews from real Australian families for the Kleenmaid DW6030 to get a feel for the range.

The Kleenmaid DW6030 Dishwasher Review was originally conducted on Mouths of Mums; the place where everyone goes to share their opinions and read reviews from real people.  4 Australian families were supplied with a Kleenmaid DW6030 Dishwasher in place of their old dishwasher.  In return they were asked to provide their honest feedback and reviews.

For those who want review results in a word …

Some of you just want to know if the Kleenmaid DW6030 dishwasher will do an awesome job of dealing with your dirty dishes. In a word (or two) HELL YES!

For those who like all the detail …

For those who like a little more detail before you make a decision, here’s a run down on the features.

Information Transfer Technology | The Kleenmaid DW6030 dishwasher comes with Information Transfer Technology which allows you to see the programme and special function selected, the temperature of the wash load and the time remaining on a front screen throughout the wash cycle.

Whisper Quiet Brushless DC Motor | The superior Brushless DC motor is quieter, more reliable and more economical to run than all previous models. Whisper quiet 45dBa.

15 Place Settings | The DW6030 can accommodate 15 place settings due to the new sliding detergent dispenser and has 8 pre-set wash programmes with 32 optional variations, including a 15 minute super rinse and 30 minute fast wash. So there is no shortage of wash choices.

Multi Tilt and Split Third Row Cutlery Rack | Multi Tilt and Split allows you to accommodate long stem glasses whilst still having a third row cutlery rack.

5 Star Water Rating | Using only 11.8 litres of water per wash gives the DW6030 a highly coveted WELS five-star water rating. Energy Rating is 4 stars 238 kWh per year.

Safety And Ease Of Use | To make your life easier the DW6030 comes with an impressive list of extra features and safeguards. These include anti overflow protection, up to 24 hour delayed start on hourly intervals, easy lift adjustable top basket, 70C hygienic sanitization option, self-cleaning filter system, LED interior lighting, and height adjustable cabinet.

5 Year Warranty | The Brushless DC motor has a 5 year warranty, and now there’s a 5 year full parts and labour warranty on the rest of the appliance. This is supported by Kleenmaid’s highly skilled national service network.

Here’s what some of the trial team said in the Kleenmaid DW6030 Dishwasher Review.

I’m super impressed with its overall performance. So many amazing features that I’ve actually enjoyed learning about. The dishwasher also uses only 11.8 litres of water per wash, which gives the Kleenmaid DW6030 Dishwasher a 5 star water rating.The Kleenmaid DW6030 Dishwasher has so many features my old dishwasher didn’t have, my favourite being how quiet is it when is running due to the brushless DC motor. Oh and did I mention it cleans amazingly. Overall I’m extremely happy with my Kleenmaid Dishwasher and would recommend to anyone looking at purchasing a new dishwasher. LCotte60.


This is where the magic of the Kleenmaid DW6030 came into play. I was able to fit all the baking implements (measuring cups, jugs, spoons, and small bowls) into the upper basket. The lower basket allowed me to fit 2 large KitchenAid bowls as well as large mixing bowls and our lunch dishes. Simply by folding down the dish racks with the easily adjustable features. Using the heavy cycle ensured that all the butter, cookie dough and icing residue was cleaned off dishes completely, before they were thoroughly dried. The heavy cycle runs for 185 minutes, using 1.1 KWh of energy and 15 Litres of water. ErinV.


I am absolutely thrilled with the large volume of dishes I can easily fit into this amazing dishwasher. A simple push handle release adjusts the upper basket making it a breeze to fit large pots, pans and baking trays. The upper basket provides fold back racks to secure glassware or easily fold down to accomodate larger items such as cups, tupperware, lids and saucers. The separate cutlery drawer holds 74 pieces of cutlery without encroaching on the upper and lower baskets. The design and functionality of the Kleenmaid Eco Sensitive DW6030 dishwasher is incredibly user friendly and simply genius in my opinion. Michelle B.


Cleaning genius! What an incredible dishwasher, straight up amazing. I purchased this because of the reviews and how great! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, cleans first time every time and so much room for everyone’s dishes. MoM 337845.


It has so many variations on settings from glasses, to intensive…even an auto setting so it works out for you what setting it needs to go on! There really is a setting for whatever you need to wash. And don’t worry, all the settings are easy to figure out and program – you don’t need a degree! Mum2Archer.

So there you have it.  Straight from at-home reviewers to you. The perfect way to make an informed decision on whether this is the dishwasher for you.

By the way, there are 34 real reviews on the Kleenmaid DW6030 Dishwasher Review page. Definitely worth a READ.

Wondering where to buy the Kleenmaid DW6030 Dishwasher?

Discover more about the Freestanding or Built Under Kleenmaid DW6030 Dishwasher by visiting Kleenmaid. Then once you’re ready to buy, go straight through to MYER.  You’ll not only earn earn MYER One Credits, you could save a bundle too!

Are you interested in Semi Integrated or Fully Integrated Dishwashers?

Left: Kleenmaid DW6032 Semi-Integrated Dishwasher Right: Kleenmaid DW6031 Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Do you want the Kleenmaid DW6030 Dishwasher but not in Stainless Steel? We suggest you consider the Kleenmaid Semi-Integrated Dishwasher or the Kleenmaid Fully Integrated Dishwasher. Either of these are the perfect option if you are installing new kitchen cabinetry and are aiming for a streamlined aesthetic.

Have you had any experience with the Kleenmaid DW6030 Dishwasher? Share your opinions in the comments below.

Or tell us what you consider the most important feature when it comes to a residential dishwasher.


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