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RenovatingThe James Hardie Home Guide For Easier Renos

Building or renovating a home is a monumental undertaking that involves a lot of comprise and problem-solving. In fact, a recent survey of over 1000 renovators undertaken by James Hardie highlighted that one in three people aren’t happy with their finished results and have many renovation regrets. So to help everyone achieve better outcomes, they created the James Hardie Home Guide.

What is the James Hardie Home Guide?

Consider it your new bestie when it comes to renovating and building a home in Australia. Packed with loads of inspiration and practical advice from experts, the James Hardie Home Guide is a digital resource comprised of informative articles, designs, helpful tools, checklists and extra resources to help you on your way to a successful reno.

The guide is made up of five distinct sections, which follow the logical timeline of most builds and renovations.

Section 1: Get Inspired

James Hardie cladding
Source: James Hardie.

Your starting point, Get Inspired, is filled with information to help consolidate your ideas and develop a plan.

The James Hardie survey showed that most renovators value the exterior finish of a build the most. In response to that information, this section of the Home Guide offers helpful advice on modern design trends and more detailed guides about how to creatively use mixed cladding on modern and heritage homes.

Neal Whitaker
Source: James Hardie.

Expert, Neale Whitaker, offers valuable insights about using black for the exterior of the home for a statement look. He explains the benefits of going dark and how to choose the right shade of black to work in sync with your surroundings.

Section 2: Get Planning

James Hardie Home Guide
Source: James Hardie

With decisions made on colours and styles, it’s time to Get Planning – the right way. In this section, you’ll find critical advice about choosing key businesses for your build, such as builders and designers.

Neil Hipwell from FutureFlip shares fantastic insights about sticking to local council guidelines from the get-go so that you don’t have to make unwanted compromises further down the track.

If there’s a unique look in the area you live, make sure the build or renovation is suited to the area” says Neil.

A Budget Checklist helps you itemise your costs and create a worksheet to track your spending as the project progresses. For first-time renovators, this is an especially brilliant resource.

Section 3: Get Building

James hardie cladding
Source: James Hardie

In this section, James Hardie shares proven strategies for a smooth, successful build. From briefing designers to avoiding budget blowouts and sky-high ‘renovation stress’, Get Building has resources for everything.

One of the most valuable resources in this section is an article about handling building defects if and when they arise. It also includes links to state resources should you need additional help.

Section 4: Get Finishing

Outdoor fire pit
Source: James Hardie

From landscaping ideas to outdoor lighting and interior design, Get Finishing is your complete resource for all things styling.

Discover the power of Style Sourcebook for digitally visualising rooms using real products from valued retailers. And find out how to make your new house truly feel like a home – and the homewares you need for just the right about of wow factor.

Section 5: Get Sharing

external house featuring james hardie cladding
Source: James Hardie

In Get Sharing, James Hardie collates social advice from various partners to help you share your build and engage with other renovators and industry professionals, like architects and interior designers.

Learn how to inspire others in a similar situation, record videos for sharing, show off your renovation diary and create Insta-worthy photos by styling your home for the season.

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