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RenovatingFine Texture Cladding: A Renovation Success Story

Beautifully perched next to the Royal National Park in Sydney’s Bundeena, Jen’s family home has been reinvented as a haven for family (and extended family) living. It’s a true renovation success story, with Hardie™️ Fine Texture Cladding the absolute star of the show.

But what is textured cladding and why are more and more Australian homeowners choosing to use it? Let’s take a closer look.

James Hardie Fine Texture and Axon Cladding. Image: James Hardie

What is textured cladding?

Textured cladding comes in the form of pre-textured fibre-cement panels. It’s essentially the answer to the smooth modern look of a rendered home, without the maintenance that comes with traditional concrete render.

Benefits of fine texture cladding

Here are some of the reasons more and more Australian homeowners are choosing Fine Texture Cladding for their renovations and builds:

  • Highly durable
  • Beautiful fine sand-like finish
  • Less maintenance than concrete render
  • Arrives pre-primed and ready to paint any colour you want
  • Helps achieve a smooth, modern aesthetic befitting the modern home
  • Fire resistant (as part of a Hardie™ Smart Fire and Acoustic Wall System)

A Fine Texture Cladding Success Story

James Hardie Bundeena Renovation
Jen’s 1990s Single-Storey Bundeena Home Before The Renovation. Image: James Hardie

After her parents moved in with her, Jen decided to renovate her beloved single-level house into a multi-generational home.

With three kids, she wanted a zone for herself and the kids plus a self-contained living area upstairs for her parents, complete with a kitchen, bathroom and laundry for maximum privacy and livability.

A Nod To Nature

James Hardie Cladding
Image: James Hardie

Jen’s inspiration for the build began with considering her spectacular surroundings. Based next to lush bushland, she didn’t want an eyesore, but a neutral palette, clean lines and a modern feel that would blend beautifully into the streetscape.

“Living on the edge of the Royal National Park, we didn’t want our home to stand out too much. Harmony with the natural setting we wake up to every day was important to us,” said Jen

Enter Fine Texture Cladding

James Hardie Fine Texture Cladding
Image: James Hardie

James Hardie’s Fine Texture concrete cladding panels were the answer to achieving the dynamic, continuous aesthetic Jen envisioned. It paired perfectly with the natural surroundings and came with loads of benefits.

“Using the cladding instead of building with brick and then rendering was a wise decision as not only would rendering have increased both the cost and build time of the renovation, but we have all the benefits of the cladding material.”

With a spectacular matte finish, Fine Texture Cladding panels wrap the home in a smooth sand texture that brings warmth and diffuses light. Better yet, it withstands Australian weather and it’s easier to maintain than traditional cement render.

A Perfect Pairing

James Hardie Fine Texture and Axon Cladding and
Image: James Hardie

As a contrasting feature, dramatic Axon™ Cladding was incorporated into the front entrance and rear of the house. A contemporary classic, Axon™ is all about clean, vertically grooved panels that ooze beach feels and bring textural joy to house exteriors.

It’s Hamptons luxe and urban cool all rolled into one.

Protection From The Elements

James Hardie Fine Texture Cladding Finished with Taubmans Wallaby
Image: James Hardie

Cladding gave Jen the overall look she wanted at the right price. But it also offered her family peace of mind regarding bushfires.

“With our home located on the edge of the Royal National Park, we are in the worst bushfire category, so knowing that Fine Texture Cladding and Axon™ Cladding had a strong fire rating put my mind at ease.”

Primed And Ready To Paint

James Hardie Cladding
Image: James Hardie

Arriving pre-primed and ready for a lick of quality paint, the Fine Texture Cladding was finished with dark Taubmans’ Wallaby for a cohesive look with the Colorbond roof. And with its distinctive vertical lines, Axon™ Cladding provided the ultimate contrast painted with Dulux Winter Fog.

A dreamy pairing if there ever was one.

A Stunning Success

James Hardie Fine Texture Cladding Renovation
Jen Outside Her Freshly Renovated Bundeena Home. Image: James Hardie

Jen’s Bundeena reno shows the power of cladding for a dynamic exterior that looks fresh and lasts a lifetime. For more on Hardie™️ Fine Texture Cladding, take a look at the Kings Meadows build – complete with a bridge and tower!

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