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BathroomHow Do You Make Small Ensuites Feel Bigger?

If you’re not a fan of your tiny ensuite, you’re certainly not alone. With modern trends embracing spacious living, loads of homeowners are looking for ways to make small ensuites feel bigger. And the good news is that with a little creative know-how, it’s actually not that hard at all.

To get some insights from a trade expert, we chatted with interior designer, Brownyn Aldridge of Bronz DC to get the lowdown on how to make small ensuites feel more spacious.

If knocking down walls isn’t an option, don’t sweat it. Bronwyn shares three clever ways to give the perception of space in squeezy spaces.

Be clever with your mirror placement 

Extended ensuite mirror in a small room
An extended mirror in a small ensuite

A cost-effective and easy trick for making any space feel bigger is to get clever with your mirrors.

Instead of placing a mirror only above the vanity, try extending it the entire width of the wall, or from bench height to ceiling. A large mirrored surface is going to give the impression of a much longer or taller room than what’s actually there.

There are a few things to keeping mind when it comes to mirrors, though. Firstly, not everyone is comfortable looking at themselves whilst using other amenities in the room (yep, we mean the loo!), so consider that when placing the mirror.

Secondly, you’ll need to factor in logistics to ensure the larger mirror can in fact get into the bedroom and ensuite in the first place!

Choose your vanity wisely 

small ensuite via Brilliant SA
A small ensuite cleverly designed to appear larger. Builder: Brilliant SA

There’s never been a bigger range of bathroom furniture than there is today. From black vanities with double sinks to luxe curved benches, there’s no limit to the different sizes, shapes and colours on the market in Australia. And this is great news for homeowners struggling with small ensuites – here’s why:

The depth of a vanity is often what creates a pinch point in a small ensuite, so the introduction of ‘ensuite vanities’ is warmly welcome. These vanities project about 350mm in depth, compared to a standard vanity depth of 450-500mm. The saving of depth creates more clearance in a room and a bigger sense of space!

Small ensuite via Brilliant SA
A vanity with reduced depth. Builder: Brilliant SA

When choosing a vanity with less depth, be careful of the basin you are selecting and the position of tapware. These fixtures need to have their own clearances around them, so it pays to check with your designer, builder or cabinet maker before locking in your final selection.

Also, take into account the height of any mounted cabinets above the vanity to ensure no heads are bumped while brushing teeth!

Take your time choosing the right tiles

Repeated tile patterns make a room appear bigger

Your choice of tiling has the potential to make your ensuite feel much bigger than it really is.

Generally, tiling an entire elevation with either smaller tiles, or larger tiles in a repeated pattern makes a room feel more spacious. However keep in mind that smaller tiles such as subways or mosaic sheets will require more labour, and therefore more cash, so you’ll have to factor this into your budget.

Another clever way to provide a greater sense with tiles is to use light-coloured, large format tiles with minimal pattern or texture, and cover all surfaces (excluding the ceiling). This gives a sense of grandeur in a small room.  If you already have large-format tiles in your ensuite, consider painting them to save the cost of re-tiling.

And talk to the professionals

Hiring an Interior Designer is a fantastic investment to help maximise your space in a small room. They can also help you with the finer details of your bathroom renovation, like choosing the right bathroom fixtures and floor tiles.

Also, depending on the scope of your ensuite reno, your window and plumbing locations may need adjusting. So, have a chat with a qualified builder before you pop on your DIY hat.

making home expert bronwyn aldridge

This article was written by Bronwyn Aldridge, principal designer of Bronz Designs and Consultancy, an experienced residential designer with qualifications in both Building and Interior Design. Her projects vary from standalone bathroom renovations to full home extensions and everything in between. The mission of Bronz DC is to share honest, reliable advice for clients and help builders understand client needs.

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