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Laundry8 Best Retractable Clothesline Solutions In Australia

If there’s one thing most families always need more of, it’s clothes-drying solutions that don’t cost an arm and a leg! If you’re in the same boat, hang tight, because we’ve dug up Australia’s most popular retractable clotheslines for space-saving drying all year round.

How does a retractable clothesline work?

A retractable clothesline is a space-efficient drying solution that functions by manually extending a line from a mounted unit and securing it to another wall. A fantastic supplement to clothes airers and racks, it offers families a robust hanging line in a matter of seconds. And when not in use, you’d barely notice it’s even there.

For convenient drying that packs away perfectly, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Before diving into our shortlist of sanity-saving options, take a closer look at what to consider when you’re shopping for one.

GorillaLine retractable clothesline attached to a wall with three coat hangers hanging from the line.
GorillaLine Retractable Clothesline

What to consider before buying a retractable clothesline

Where will you put it?

If you’re looking for an outdoor product, make sure it uses weather-resistant materials to go the distance. For indoor products, you’ll want to make sure it fits on the wall you’ve picked out.

How many lines do you actually need?

Only after a single line to take care of tea towels or those extra items that don’t fit on your large washing line? Or do you need a solution with multiple lines? Obviously, the more cords included, the larger, heavier and more expensive the product. So, make sure you only buy what you’ll use.

How much weight will it hold?

Planning on hanging lightweight items like baby clothes, socks and jocks? Or do you need something strong enough for towels and heavy bedding? Some retractable lines use nylon rope which is prone to sagging under heavy weight. Higher-end options use plastic-coated cords better suited to heavy loads.

8 Best Retractable Clothesline Solutions In Australia

Whether you don’t want a bulky clothesline ruining your backyard aesthetic anymore, or you’re sick of the sight of the clothes rack in the lounge room, stick with us. We’re stepping you through the most loved retractable clotheslines in Australia.

How did we choose? We hand-picked these products based on functionality, style, price and customer reviews. Our aim is to take the hard work out of shopping by doing the research for you and putting a selection of stand-out products in one handy spot.

GorillaLine Retractable Indoor Outdoor Washing Line, $38

Two images of the GorillaLine clothesline.

Smart looks, easy use and affordability – it’s little wonder this beauty has received thousands of positive reviews from happy customers. What we love most about this unit is that it is quick to set up and it attaches securely to walls with screws. It extends to more than 4m in length and it even has an anti-sag lock to keep the cord nice and tight. We’re giving this the big thumbs up for over bathtubs and in laundry areas.

Hills Retracting 7-Line Outdoor Clothesline, $239

Two images of the Hills 7-Line Retractable Clothesline on white background.

Less than a metre wide and boasting 47m of drying space, this Hills clothesline is perfect for large households. Each line runs individually from a tough spring to give you optimal tension at all times. The clothesline housing uses a combination of high-grade steel and industrial-strength plastics and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Colour-matched with COLORBOND Monument, this one is mountable on a wall or with a compatible Hills post.

Leifheit Rollfix Indoor 5-Line Wall Dryer, $51.91

The Leifheit Rollfix Indoor Clothesline shown extended and not in use.

With a crisp white finish and compact design, the Leifheit 5-Line Wall Dryer is your inconspicuous bestie for indoor drying. It features five tear-proof polyester lines that tighten with a handy control knob and it offers 21 metres of drying space. Whether you want to add some indiscrete drying power to a hallway, laundry, bathroom or garage, this great-value buy does the job.

Brabantia Retractable 5-Line Clothesline, $138.50

A woman's hand pulling the Brabantia extendable  clothesline from it's wall-mounted base unit.

In black and matte steel, the contemporary Brabantia 5-Line Clothesline is one of the best-looking options in the country. It uses corrosion-resistant materials to be perfect for bathrooms and laundries and boats a smooth-action pull-out system for easy use every time. The locking system gives you the right tension for your drying needs and the combined 22m of drying space is enough for two regular washing loads, including large sheets and quilt covers. It comes with wall-mounting equipment and a 5-year warranty.

Sunfresh Single Line Retractable Clothesline, $27

Two images of the Sunfresh wall-mountable clothesline, with one showing the line extended.

An absolute cinch to install and small enough to take on your next camping trip, this handy retracting line from Sunfresh is worth every cent. It gives you a total of 15m of drying space and holds up to 5kg of washing. This beauty has you completely covered whether you need extra hanging space inside the house or out on the deck to take care of all those beach towels!

Austral 40m Retractaway Clotheslines, $234

The Austral RetractAway Clothesline shown up close and extended.

All Australian and designed to look great in and around modern homes, the Austral Retractaway is a favourite for many reasons. It comes with five lines, a total of 40m of drying space and it holds a huge 50kg of washing. Like the similar Hills units, this model gives you the flexibility of being able to install it on walls or posts with compatible fittings. Use it indoors or outside under cover.

Hills Planter Retracting Clothesline, $98.90

The Hills Planter Clothesline shown with and without a potted plant.

As total green thumbs, we had to include the Hills Planter Clothesline in this shortlist for its ingenuity – it’s a self-watering planter and clothesline in one handy unit! Not only is the planter well-sized for herbs and ferns, but it also gives you 19m of drying space over three lockable lines. This means it handles even King-sized bedding with ease. Features include a removable plug for plant drainage, tension control and a lifetime warranty. Love it!

Daytek Indoor Micro Retracting Line, $15.99

The Daytek Indoor Clothesline shown unextended and extended.

Pint-sized and budget-friendly, the Daytek Micro is a great solution for people living in apartments or small dwellings. It gives you 3.5m of hanging space and comes in a choice of grey or white. To hide the bulky end when not in use, one happy customer suggests mounting it in a wardrobe or cupboard. Genius idea!


What’s the best outdoor retractable washing line?

This will largely depend on your needs. For compact single-line options, the GorillaLine is one of the country’s most popular options and it looks great too. For larger lines, the Austral Retractaway and Brabantia 5-Line units are popular for their contemporary finish.

What is the largest retractable clothesline?

The Hills 7-Line Retractable Clothesline is one of the biggest in Australia with 47 metres of line space!

Why don’t people use clotheslines anymore?

The main reason many people are skipping the old-style outdoor clothesline is because of their bulky, attractive appearance. Many renovators today are opting for retractable or folding options that pack away neatly when not in use.

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