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Living and Dining8 Best Moroccan Ottomans & Poufs In Australia

The right piece of home decor has the power to completely transform a room. And if it’s a touch of the exotic you’re after in your living room, a Moroccan ottoman or pouf is just the ticket.

A Moroccan ottoman is a bohemian footrest, cushion or seat steeped in heritage and often handmade by artisans of Marrakech and Berber villages of Northern Africa. Many use premium, hand-dyed leathers for a finish that lasts generations, and others celebrate soft fabrics like cotton and velvet. Available in almost every colour of the rainbow, these dreamy accents make vibrant alternatives to floor cushions, and they’re destined to be the talking point of the room.

We set out in search of the most gorgeous ottomans and poufs in Australia to help you track down the right style and colour for your home. But first, let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions.

What’s the difference between an ottoman and a pouf?

An ottoman usually has a more solid frame and sits higher off the ground, making a great footrest when sitting on a sofa. A pouf, on the other hand, is lower to the ground and more similar to a floor pillow.

Why use a Morrocan ottoman or pouf?

  • Vibrance – From deep tans to cherry reds, these poufs bring rich colour to rooms that’ll have guests swooning.
  • Texture – Many styles use quality leather for shine and smoothness, while fabric options bring a rustic texture to living spaces.
  • Versatility – Sit on them, pop your feet up on them or use them to show off your favourite coffee table books – it’s totally up to you!
  • It doubles as artwork – Exquisitely made with expert craftsmanship, they are undoubtedly works of art.
  • Gives a feel for far-flung places – Can’t go on a trip right now? Never mind. Grab a cuppa, close your eyes and pop your feet up on one of these. You’ll be transported to the spice-filled souks of Marrakech in no time.

8 Most Beautiful Moroccan Ottomans In Australia

Without further ado, here are our favourite Moroccan-themed poufs and ottomans for special spaces. (Bear in mind that like bean bags, most of these items come unfilled, so you will need to get your hands on some foam or fabric filling to prepare them for use.)

Freedom Eldon Pouffle, $149

Freedom Moroccan ottoman in a modern living room.

Equal parts functional and fabulous, the Eldon Pouffle is handmade with delicious cotton velvet for softness to love. At 40cm in height and width, it’s a great size to use as a footstool and boasts natural undertones that blend in with any interior style.

Tan Moroccan Ottoman in Leather, $159

Cush and Co Moroccan Leather Ottoman

Exquisitely handcrafted in Morroco, this tan leather pouf features silk embroidered details for a rich finish that’s impossible not to touch. Natural oils keep the fabric supple and the use of medieval crafting techniques means there are no chemicals used in the processing of the leather. If you’re after something truly authentic, this is a must-see.

Kechart Handmade Moroccan Ottomans, from $102.72

Kechart Moroccan Ottomans

Pick a colour, any colour. Expertly crafted by hand in Berber villages, Kechart pouffes come in a variety of colours and styles, from full leather to faux fur and mixed fabric/leather options like the one shown above. These beauties ship free to Australia from Morocco.

Lost Little One Veg-Tanned Moroccan Leather Poufs, from $190

Lost Little One Veg-Tanned Ottomans

Ethically handmade in Morocco, Lost Little One premium leather poufs use small-batch vegetable dyes for a unique and exquisite colour. They’re decorated with traditional hand-stitching and come in a choice of sleek black or earthy browns.

Melbourne Leather Co. Square Morrocan Pouf, $255.90

Melbourne Leather Co Square Ottoman

After a square ottoman? This irresistible patchwork number from an Australian small business is infinitely versatile. Each one is handmade and painted using full-grain cowhide leather and can be filled with almost anything, from old cloth to foam beads.

Love Moroccan Rugs Leather Pouffes, $179

Love Moroccan Rugs Ottoman

Brought to life by talented artisans in Marrakech, these traditional pouffes use genuine leather (or faux leather for metallic options) and feature spectacular stitching details. Every item has an easy-use zipper opening at the base for filling.

Koutchi Pink Ottoman In Leather, $199

Koutchi Pink Leather Ottoman

Pretty as a picture, this pink pouffe by Koutchi has completely stolen our hearts and we can’t help but imagine it paired with a dreamy teepee for the ultimate princess nook. It uses goat leather from a centuries-old tannery in Marrakech and comes in other colours.

Moroccan Dreaming White Moroccan Pouf, $122.23

Moroccan Dreaming White Leather Ottoman

Elegant and dreamy, this white pouf from Morrocan Dreaming brings a huge dose of character to contemporary, minimalist homes. It’s made by hand with love using genuine leather and comes in a huge range of other colours.

How To Style A Moroccan Ottoman In Modern Homes

Lost Little One Moroccan Ottoman in Brown
Image: Lost Little One

Pair it with neutrals

To really make your ottoman the star of the room, surround it with some neutral tones that it will positively pop next to. Think a rustic table, an earthy swivel armchair or classic papasan chair dreamy sheer curtains or a white boucle chair. Don’t let your decor get lost in a sea of colour.

Pop a tray on top of it

The ottoman tray is making a big name for itself as a useful addition to living rooms, and it works beautifully with Moroc-inspired footstools and pouffes. If you want to show off the intricate embroidery on the top of your piece, try a transparent glass tray. Alternatively, go for a rustic wooden option that complements the hand-dyed leather (and looks especially gorgeous with shades of brown). It’s also the perfect spot to pop an authentic Morrocan lamp or teapot if you want to extend the theme.

Show off your book collection

Can we ever get enough books? Never! You’ve spent forever (and a fortune) collecting exquisite cooking and lifestyle books, and what better place to display them than atop a gorgeous ottoman such as these? Don’t overstack them, though. You want the right amount of weight that will look fantastic without flattening the stool.

Combine it with different textures and shapes in the room

Moroccan style is rich in texture, so your accent pouffe is going to sing in a room filled with it. A stylish hamper, an exotic lamp and an assortment of stunning cushions in a range of fabrics (from linen to velvet) will set you on the bohemian path.

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Top image: MyDeal

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