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RenovatingMaking HOME Episode 3: Exterior

Many say that first impressions are everything, so it’s only natural that the exterior of a home is a big deal. This week we dive into the Making HOME exterior and reveal how we turned a tired red-bricker into a welcoming Modern Classic Farmhouse.

“The exterior of this home is welcoming; the garden calls you in, the front door beckons, the pathways lead you around the house – and the outside walls are like a big warm hug!”

Nikki from the Making HOME team

In Episode Three, Nikki and Liz explain the considered use of mixed materials in this renovation and how it contributed to the overall vision. Learn more about what went into extending the rear of the home to accommodate the alfresco, pool and spa and find out more about the timeless beauty of a natural palette.

Want the lowdown on what we used? Scroll down and take a peek at the quality materials that made this modern exterior sing.

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From kerb appeal to livability, a home’s exterior is an important element to get right. For us, materials played the biggest role in nailing the exterior of this renovation, and below, we step you through our favourites!

Entrance Tiles

Vintage blue patterned ground tiles at a home entrance.
From Beaumont Tiles, these entrance tiles are unmissable!

For non-stop visual interest and wow factor at the entrance, we couldn’t go past Beaumont’s stunning Flourish Vintage Navy Blue textured tiles.

The navy introduces a blue palette that we continue throughout the interior, and the classic pattern plays on the modern classic farmhouse look we were working towards.

We especially love how the blue hues of the tiles complement the copper downpipes – the colour wheel doesn’t lie!


White cladding on exterior of a modern home.
Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding was the answer to a bespoke facade

An absolute stand-out of the exterior is the crisp Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding. It played a key role in tying the existing house together with the extension and the top level with the bottom.

We’re big fans of mixing traditional materials with modern ones, and love how the vertical lines of the cladding complement the existing brick to create the exact balance of modern and classic we were aiming for.

For a bespoke finish, we alternated 200mm and 300mm boards on the upper level and the gables. The result of all these vertical lines is eye-catching grandeur and a contemporary look rather than a ‘horizontal’ Hamptons look.

James Hardie Axon™ Cladding on the exterior of the Making HOME renovation.
We adore the timelessness and resilience of exterior Axon™ Cladding

Continuing the linear story at the rear of the home, we used James Hardie Axon™ Cladding and we couldn’t love it more! Aside from the timelessness of the vertical lines, we adore the drama and texture it brings to the exterior. It’s a modern touch with a nod to a traditional farmhouse weatherboard.

One of the biggest benefits of James Hardie cladding is that it arrives pre-primed and ready to paint, significantly speeding up the renovation process. It uses premium fibre cement for serious strength against the elements and it’s resistant to termites, rot and moisture.

Front Doors

Double front glass doors from Hume Doors & Timber.
Double Haven doors gave us the grand entrance we envisioned

Our beautiful Haven HAV100 entry doors from Hume Doors & Timber just open their arms and welcome you in!

What’s fabulous about these doors is they work as a single or a double and can be custom-made to the measurements you need. They have a timeless profile that works with virtually any colour scheme and they positively sing within the modern classic style of this family home.


Renovated home exterior with asphalt shingles on the roof.
Asphalt Roof Singles were the inspiration for this Modern Farmhouse!

We fell head over heels for the distinctive style of Timberline Asphalt Roof Singles from the moment we saw them. In fact, they became the inspiration for the entire Modern Classic Farmhouse renovation.

Aside from the heavy-duty weather protection and lifetime warranty that comes with the product, we loved the dimensional appeal and classic finish they give the home. We chose a charcoal hue to contrast with the warm-white exterior and copper gutters at the front of the home.

One of the main benefits of this roofing system is that builders are able to install the entire roof. No need to wait for the roofers which means that the roof can also go on in stages.

All American Roofing shingles are available through Hardware & General. Give the specialist staff your plans and they’ll sort you out with everything your builder needs.

Concrete Bricks

Adbri Masonry Versaloc Blocks in the construction of pool walls.
Regardless of the weather, Versaloc® Interlocking Blocks went together fast!

A hero product for the exterior, Adbri Masonry’s Versaloc® Interlocking Blocks allowed us to lay thousands of blocks a day. Even in the rain!

We used these hardworking blocks for the pool walls, apartment, suspended slab and exterior walls of the rear extension. Aside from being fast to ‘lock’ together, they require no mortar and eliminate the need for termite control.


Adbri Masonry backyard pavers.
Adbri Masonry’s Euro® Classic 6×4 brings style and function to modern home

Durable and cost-effective, Adbri Masonry’s Euro® Classic 6×4 paver formed the base of all our walkways, pathways and service areas. These contemporary concrete beauties are dense, slip-resistant and highly resistant to salt – fantastic for the coastal location of this home.

We used a neutral tone called ‘Cyprus’ which tied together all of the exterior zones of this stunning family home.

The Adbri Masonry Euro® Classic 6×4 paver is also a cinch when it comes to maintenance. A quick hose when you water the garden and a pressure wash every now and then and they come up sparkling and bright!

Solar Power

Solahart solar panels on the roof of a house.
From capturing energy to storing it, Solahart has this home covered

With energy costs continuing to rise and sustainability so critical, it was important to invest in solar for this project. Thankfully, Solahart was a one-stop shop for all our needs.

Our first step was to install a Solahart system that would generate sufficient solar energy. We chose cutting-edge Solahart Silhouette® 440W panels with dual-glass bi-facial technology that efficiently captures energy even on the back of the panels. The system includes a 10kW GoodWe Hybrid 3-phase inverter.

We then opted for two great energy storage solutions. First, we selected a smart-electric water heater, Solahart PowerStore®, designed to capture and store excess solar energy in the form of hot water for later use. Next, we added a GoodWe Lynx F High-Voltage Battery system, which also captures and stores excess solar energy and uses it to power the home when the sun is not shining. The battery also provides backup power in the event of a blackout.

PowerStore comes with a Solahart Home Energy Management System (HEMS), and this is the perfect complement to manage our home’s electricity needs. HEMS is the brains of the system and is designed to save us money by ensuring our home uses the cheapest available electricity to power our home by controlling our connected appliances. Better still, we can view all of this via the Solahart atHome web app.


Making HOME front porch with pot plant and wall light.
The Turner Wall Light creates a welcoming touch to the entrance

For the entrance of this house, we wanted a mixture of materials, great ambient light and plenty of personality. Emac & Lawton’s Turner Outdoor Wall Light in Dark Brass ticked every box.

Brimming with character, these lantern-style wall lights resemble something from maritime history books, yet are perfectly placed on this Modern Classic Farmhouse facade.

Light mounted on the exterior wall of house.
Monteray Outdoor Lights are a feature of the exterior

The gables of this home are a major feature and true to the Modern Classic Farmhouse aesthetic. To really do them justice, great lighting was a must!

For the home office and carport gables, we chose Emac & Lawton’s Monteray Outdoor Wall Light in Dark Brass. Rustic, heavy-duty and ready for all kinds of weather, they bring loads of visual appeal, ambience and practical lighting.

Hardware & General stocks a range of Emac & Lawton lighting. Visit your local store and chat with a lighting specialist about how to order these.

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