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OutdoorWhy A Composite Deck Is Better Than Timber

If you’re currently in the throws of trying to decide whether to go with composite decking or natural timber, you’re certainly not alone!

On the one hand, timber is a familiar and timeless material. But by offering everything that’s great about timber decks, without the high maintenance that comes with them, composite decks are becoming Australia’s outdoor flooring of choice.

Settle in as we investigate the biggest advantages of a composite deck design over timber and find out why this innovative flooring is such a smart long-term investment.

You get the perfect colour (no paint needed)

Looking out from the living room of an apartment onto a terrace and city skyline.
Trex Transcend® Lineage™

One of the biggest advantages of composite over timber is that you can choose from a range of deck colours without going anywhere near a paintbrush. So, you get the exact look you want without any extra legwork – and that’s a mighty big win for modern homes.

Premium options like Trex composite decking offer seven versatile colour choices in its Transcend® range, ranging from rich tans to cool greys; and the heat-mitigating Lineage™ collection includes two tranquil tones in earthy hues, ideal for contemporary living.

But it gets even better because Trex boards even look like timber. So despite choosing an engineered product, you still get the delicate timber grain that many people love about natural wood.

It’s easier to care for

Deck and entertaining area of a modern home next to a fenced pool zone.
Trex Transcend® in Island Mist

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be sanding their patio or pool deck when they could be lounging on it. And this is where composite decks truly revolutionise outdoor flooring.

Over time, timber decking inevitably requires sanding, staining, repairing or painting. This is because issues like splitting, cracking, warping and insect damage are common in natural wood.

High-performance composite decks, on the other hand, need little more than the occasional wash with soap and water and a gentle sweep to look fab. Even decades down the track.

It’s the greener choice

Small swimming pool surrounded by a fenced composite deck.
Trex Transcend® Lineage™

With homeowners becoming increasingly eco-conscious, it’s little wonder composite decking is winning a lot of hearts. You see, composite offers the look and feel of timber without the environmental impact of deforestation. In fact, when it comes to Trex, not one tree has ever been felled to make its products.

Sustainably engineered with a combination of polyethylene plastic film and reclaimed industrial wood scrap, Trex decking uses 95% recycled materials. This enables the repurposing of one billion pounds of recycled and reclaimed materials annually that would otherwise head to landfills.

Superb durability

Deck and pool area of a country home next to a lake.
Trex Transcend® Lineage™

When it comes to durability, Trex premium composite decking outperforms timber every time.

Let’s take a closer at why it’s a more reliable product:

  • Handles extreme sun, strong winds – even salt if you are near the water
  • Withstands the wear and tear of furniture and heavy footwear
  • Resists fading, cracking, scratching and pesky mould
  • Doesn’t warp, splinter or rot during the life of the product
  • Totally termite-free (and free from other nasties too!)

Overall, it’s clear to see why industry leader, Trex, is leaving timber boards in the dust with its composite range. Ultra-tough, it’s the answer to a premium sustainable deck – with none of the timber troubles.

Making HOME is working with Trex to bring you this article. Trex is the world’s leading decking brand, offering a range of flooring options that are not only modern and elegant, but expertly engineered to handle Australia’s climate. Trex decks are proudly and sustainably made from 95% recycled materials – and they have been for more than 30 years.

Top image: Trex Transcend® Lineage™

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