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BathroomNail Your Reno With Beaumont's 'What's My Style' Quiz

Any renovation is a mighty big undertaking, and for most of us, the hardest part is knowing where to start. But Beaumont’s ‘What’s My Style‘ quiz helps kickstart your reno journey by pinpointing your perfect style. It’s the first important step towards renovating like a rock star.

What kind of quiz?

Industrial Kitchen with Beaumont’s Rock Salt tile

Don’t worry, this one’s easy! The quiz is a fun three-minute online questionnaire specifically developed to discover your interior style – and it’s as simple as a few clicks.

If you aren’t sure which style will fit you, the What’s My Style quiz is perfect for figuring out which out of ten styles will fit your needs and personality.”

Christie Wood, Beaumont Tiles design specialist

You’ll be prompted to select your favourite items from various groups of images, including dining chairs, pendant lights and entire rooms, like bathrooms and living zones.

Based on your responses to the questions, the ‘What’s My Style’ quiz will immediately reveal the specific interior style from the top ten most popular global styles, and deliver you a downloadable brochure specific to your theme. Told you it was easy.

It’s the quickest way to get a heads-up on 2024 tile trends and a clear picture of what your dream bathroom could look like!

View mood boards specific to your budget

Mediterranean Laundry by Kyal & Kara

Once your style has been identified, it’s time to get the creativity flowing, and there’s no better way than with the ‘What’s My Style’ mood boards.

Farmhouse Live A Little Mood Board
Coastal Lux Mood Board

Like having your very own interior stylist on hand, mood boards are created on the spot to match your budget. A fabulous starting point in bringing a room together, they’re an opportunity to look at colours, textures and finishes and how they work together in a space.

Soak up room inspo based on your theme

Coastal inspiration. (via Fairhaven Homes)

With your theme nailed down, it’s time to get the inspiration flowing through Beaumont Tiles’ expert selection of interior and exterior room ideas.

From kitchens to bathrooms, the curated series of inspirational room photos not only help with colour schemes and decor ideas but room layout as well.

Find tiles and bathroomware suggestions

Beaumont Tiles Vintage Value Bathroom Package.
Beaumont Vintage Value Bathroom Package

Identifying an interior theme is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to renovating. And with that in mind, the Beaumont ‘What’s My Style’ quiz goes a step further by connecting you to real products that will bring your room to life.

Find the perfect type of floor and wall tiles, the ideal tapware for your theme, and even the perfect mirrors and vanities. Best of all, each product is available to purchase directly at Beaumont Tiles online, or in-store.

Discover bathroom packages in your style

Beaumont Tiles Coastal Value Bathroom Package

Beaumont Tiles Bathroom Packages are a fast track to your dream bathroom. And armed with your interior style, the quiz points you straight to the ideal packages for your theme.

You’ll see photos of what the finished bathroom would look like and details about the inclusions. You’ll even get a quote for your specified budget to help you with your planning.

And score a 15% discount!

Beaumont Arcade Retiro Blue & White Tile

By completing Beautmont’s ‘What’s My Style’ quiz, you’ll receive a 15% discount voucher to put towards your upcoming renovation. Just enter your email address at the end of the quiz to receive your discount.

Next step … the home of your dreams!

Beaumont Tiles is a proud partner of the Making HOME renovation series.

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