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WonWin 1 of 5 Bite Shield Mosquito Repellent Packs

This competition has ended, thank you to everyone who entered! Congratulations to our lucky winners:

  1. R. Jennings of VIC
  2. F. Goodwin of QLD
  3. C. Kavanagh of VIC
  4. J. See of NSW
  5. (to be confirmed)

    Make the most of the great outdoors MOZZIE-FREE when you win a complete Bite Shield natural mosquito repellent pack valued at $102!

    Each pack contains:

    • 1x Bite Shield Indoor Plug-in Mosquito Repeller (RRP $11.58)
    • 1x Plug-In Replacement Repeller Mats (RRP $11.98)
    • 1x Outdoor Mosquito Coil Tabletop Burner (RRP $29.98)
    • 1x Bite Shield Mosquito Coil Diffuser pack (RRP $17.98)
    • 1x Replacement Bite Shield Mosquito Coils 20pk (RRP $14.98)
    • 1x Bite Shield Mosquito Stick (RRP $14.98)
    Bite Shield natural mosquito coil burner on an outdoor table.
    Outdoor Mosquito Coil Burner

    There are many mozzie coils around, but few like Bite Shield. What makes it so different is that it uses a plant-based ingredient called Pyrethrum, which is derived from daisies grown right here in Australia. And the best bit? It’s 95% effective at keeping pesky mosquitos off your skin and out of good times.

    With a product range that includes coils, sticks, plug-in repellers and diffusers, Bite Shield has a natural mosquito-repellent product to suit every occasion. Let’s take a closer look.

    The Bite Shield Indoor Plug-in Mosquito Repeller is the answer to effective protection from mozzies inside the house. From the kids’ rooms to hallways and living areas, it offers 10 hours of mozzie-free tranquillity. Each unit comes with 20 repeller mats, which are easily replaced when used up.

    Bite Shield natural plug-in mosquito repeller with replacement pack.
    Indoor Plug-in Mosquito Repeller and Refill Pack

    When it comes to outdoor living, Bite Shield’s Outdoor Mosquito Coil Burner, Mosquito Coils, and Mosquito Sticks have the whole family covered – without the Citronella smell!

    The Bite Shield Outdoor Mosquito Coil Burner comes with a diffuser, two 120g natural coils, two candles and a burner tray. The beauty of this device is that it creates a low-smoke environment so as not to impact your activities. It’s compact, lightweight and perfectly sized for taking everywhere you roam in the great outdoors.

    Mosquito coil burner device on an outdoor coffee table.
    Bite Shield Outdoor Mosquito Coil Burner

    Heading camping this Easter? The Bite Shield Mosquito Coil Diffuser Pack helps banish mozzies so that you can get on with all those outdoor adventures. Each of the ten included coils offer up to six hours of mozzie-free enjoyment. Sets include a diffuser, coils and a burner tray. Refill coils are available in packs of 20, with additional burner trays also accessible.

    Mosquito coil diffuser on a jute rug.
    Bite Shield Mosquito Coil Diffuser

    Brilliant for covering paths and steps to the house, Bite Shield Mosquito Sticks provide up to four hours of mosquito protection. They come in packs of eight units and can be staked directly into level ground or used with a heat-proof stand.

    Bite Shield mosquito repellent sticks on wooden stair case.
    Bite Shield Mosquito Sticks

    Find Bite Shield products at your nearest Bunnings store. For more information, visit Bite Shield.

    The Prize

    We’re thrilled to have partnered with Bite Shield to offer five members of our community a Bite Shield Mosquito Repeller Pack valued at A$102 RRP.

    The competition is open to all Making HOME subscribers based in Australia. It starts on 29th February 2024 and ends on 28th March 2024 at 23:59 AEDT.

    Please note, the winner will be contacted by email after the competition and have 7 days to reply and claim the prize before it’s redrawn. Please ensure you check spam folders.

    Terms and conditions

    *This is a game of chance.

    This competition has ended.

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