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BathroomSoak Up The Smart Bathroom: How To Add A Techy Touch

A smart bathroom is the bathroom of the future – right now! From smart toilets to sensor taps and underfloor heating, smart bathrooms are making a splash. And this is the year that bathrooms are really joining the tech revolution.

Smart bathrooms are rapidly making their way into Australian homes as savvy consumers embrace hi-tech products to revolutionise bathrooms. Hands-free fixtures and clever gadgets are not only adding a touch of luxe but are making life so much easier.

The bathroom is a sanctuary for innovative technology, with the concept being taken to a whole new level by tech-integrated designs for more comfort and efficiency, for both new builds and bathroom renovations.

This year we will see futuristic technology-led bathroomware and accessories in the market. Overall bathroom design will take a diverse approach with tones ranging from warm earth-based neutrals paired with clays, rich greens, and blues that are teamed with bathroomware accessories in rose, champagne, or bursts of gold.

Smart Bathroom Innovations In Australia In 2022

After two years of the pandemic, heightened hygiene awareness has motivated many people to opt for advanced technology products that can reduce direct contact, especially for high-traffic items. These include touchless faucets, showers, and self-starting flushing toilets – or even mirrors with mobile phone integration. Take a look at what you can expect to see more of in Australia.

Smart Bathroom Tech For Health

Zumi Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are the latest in bathroom technology and allow for increased hygiene while bringing comfort and luxury into your home. Models such as the Novus Smart Suite are perfect for those looking to increase cleanliness in their bathrooms because they are much more hygienic than your average toilet.

The wash and dry function reduces the need for toilet paper, while the self-cleaning nozzle drastically decreases the amount of direct hand-to-toilet contact and transfer of germs.

Smart Bathroom Tech For Efficiency

Venice Sensor Tap

Sensor taps are a brilliant addition to your bathroom as they reduce surface contact and encourage a germ-free wash. At Beaumont Tiles, we’ve been seeing an increasing demand for them in bathroom renovations, especially for contemporary vanities.

Sensor taps are very hygienic, but they are also super water efficient; our Venice Sensor Tap has a high six-star WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) rating.

Smart taps also feature an automatic sensor that stops the water immediately as hands leave the sensing range and a timer that stops the tap automatically after 70 seconds to reduce water wastage. This not only saves you money but also helps the environment.

Smart tech for comfort

Underfloor heating does more than keep toes warm; it’s also terrific at maintaining a healthy home in wet areas like bathrooms, ensuites and laundry areas.

Nothing is cosier in winter than warm floors to step onto, and that’s why so many Australians already love underfloor heating options like our Hotwire Under Tile Heating 300W. Underfloor heating dries wet areas and puddles faster, minimising mould growth, and is excellent for people with dust allergies as dust mites thrive in moist atmospheres. The decreased moisture in the floor creates a much more challenging environment for mites to survive.

Unlike conventional radiators that create convection currents to heat a room and propel dust into the air, underfloor heating prevents dust particles from circulating while keeping your toes toasty.

Smart technology has well and truly permeated our daily lives. Now, with the burgeoning growth of smart bathroom equipment, we fully expect to see more Australians creating special sanctuaries of health and wellness in their homes.


Christie Wood Design Specialist

This article was written by Christie Wood, a tile and bathroomware design specialist who has worked across all aspects of the Beaumont Tiles business including product development, range planning, education, and marketing. She is recognised as Beaumont’s product guru internally and externally, and regularly translates international trends for consumer, trade, and commercial media outlets across Australia.

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