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BathroomMethven Shower Heads For The Ultimate In Relaxation

Installing a Methven shower head is one of the biggest favours you can do for yourself. Especially if you don’t want to compromise when it comes to your shower.

Right now, we are all acutely aware of what we do and what we buy. But we are also thinking about the way we treat ourselves and our families.  We are searching for harmony in all areas of our lives by buying less and introducing only high-quality items that will last for years.

A Methven Shower Head ticks all the boxes.

When it comes to taking time out and indulging a little, many of us only get a few precious moments in the shower each day to truly stop.  Where we let the water cascade over our bodies and truly relax.

The good news is that our daily indulgence doesn’t need to mean litres of water rushing down the drain. Or the power to heat the water burning a hole in the atmosphere.  With a Methven Shower Head, the ultimate shower experience is now at our fingertips.

Andy Grigor, Head of Design and Innovation at Methven, explains that while water conservation may be at the forefront of our minds, it doesn’t have to mean compromising on the shower experience.

People tend to associate less water with bad experiences. Our mission at Methven is to change that. We design with the intent to use less but not at the expense of experience. Our shower designs focus on innovation, sustainability and water conservation, and along with leading-edge technology result in a transformative shower experience.

methven shower heads

What’s so great about a Methven Shower Head?

Methven offers a number of 4-star shower options, such as The Rua Rail Shower. The Rua Rail Shower ensures the water flow rate is optimised to be water efficient without compromising the luxurious spray performance.

The Rua features the award-winning Aurajet technology. Hidden nozzles generate individual jets of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces offering a seemingly floating shower head. We love that the result is a stunning fan of luxuriously dense droplets.

methven shower head that delivers luxury and water saving

According to Methven, the future of bathroom design will be intuitive products that make life easier AND use energy efficiently.

The Futura collection offers streamlined styling that combines everyday luxury with water efficiency. This one-function rail shower features Satinjet technology which is a unique twin-jet system to create optimum water droplet size and pressure. Delivering 300,000 of these droplets per second, Satinjet creates a truly immersive, full-body shower experience.

Our lives already have an overload of information and there is a movement to transition from the smart home to the thoughtful home.

How to install a Methven Shower Head.

The answer to this question will depend on whether you are replacing an existing shower or if the installation is part of a bathroom renovation.

The shower is a very visual part of the bathroom so install it correctly. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful product that has been installed incorrectly and ends up leaking, moving, getting unnecessarily worn down and not performing as it should.  It’s also important to know that once a product has been installed, you are usually not able to return it.

Our advice is to call on the professionals.  A plumber will be able to replace an existing shower with your new Methven Shower Head in a very short time.  If it’s part of a full bathroom renovation there is obviously a lot more involved than just installing the shower. Your builder, project manager or plumber will make this all happen.  It’s important to get installation right the first time so read up on all the details regarding shower installation.

How to remove the flow restrictor from a Methven Shower Head.

We’re going to pretend we didn’t hear that!

The short answer is no, you do not need to remove the flow restrictor from a Methven Shower Head. It’s not recommended and also unnecessary.  We do agree that in the days of old, flow restrictors could affect the shower experience on some showers. It seemed to take hours to rinse the shampoo from your hair.  But those days are now history.

The team at Methven are constantly working on hidden technology that means every shower truly delivers – water pressure, water volume and of course the ultimate shower experience.  Imagine your shower automatically setting your preferred temperature and water flow. Intuitive shower technology will keep track of your habits and will automatically power on the thermostat at just the right temperature for you, and on the preferred water flow. 

Want to pair up your Methven shower head with even more luxury? Check out Australia’s best black vanities for a next-level bathroom.

Methven products are available from plumbing stores and showrooms nationwide. For more information on a Methven Shower Head, head to Methven.

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